$54,252.69 Jury Verdict in Unpaid Wages Case

Joshua Garick  -  Dec 03, 2015  -  Comments Off on $54,252.69 Jury Verdict in Unpaid Wages Case

December 3, 2015:

After a three day trial, a Suffolk Superior Court jury handed down a $54,252.69 award in a non-payment of wages case brought by six employees against their former employer Action Emergency Services, Inc., a board-up, restoration, demolition, and construction company providing services after emergencies such as fire, storms and other catastrophes. Apparently, Action Emergency Services had a pattern of not paying its employees for their work. This lawsuit alleged various forms of unpaid wages such as salary, hourly wages, commissions, and expenses. The jury rendered a verdict against both the company and its principal Michael Zaccaria. The amounts awarded by the jury are automatically tripled and the judge will add attorneys’ fees to this verdict when it enters a judgment.

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