Landlord/Tenant and Real Estate Litigation

The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. is experienced representing both tenants and landlords in various residential and commercial lease disputes. We have experience prosecuting and defending summary process actions seeking evictions for non-payment of rent and other material breaches of lease agreements. We specialize in claims involving the following areas of law:

• Covenant of Habitability
• Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment
• Equal Housing/Housing Discrimination
• Foreclosures
• Lead Paint and Mold
• Lockouts
• Negligence by Property Owner
• Public Housing Issues
• Retaliatory Evictions
• Sanitary and Building Code Violations
• Security Deposit Statute Violations
• Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices

We also have experience bringing class actions against residential landlords who include lease terms that violate landlord/tenant laws. We will aggressively defend your right to a safe and healthy premises and will work to save your tenancy.

In a residential context, Massachusetts landlord/tenant law can create difficulties for landlords. It is important that landlords are aware of, and fully understand their legal obligations, whether expressly or impliedly required by law. The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. is committed to providing residential landlords the proper advice prior to the commencement of a tenancy. The right advice can either minimize potential exposure or outright prevent future litigation.

In addition to landlord/tenant disputes, the Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. has extensive experience in other areas of real estate litigation, including:

• Adverse Possession
• Condominium Disputes
• Easements and Right-of-Way
• Eminent Domain
• Foreclosure and Loan Modification
• Petitions for Partition
• Purchase & Sale Litigation
• Title Disputes
• Tenant Association Claims

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