Consumer Protection

The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. represents individuals and businesses in litigation involving the consumer protections afforded under Massachusetts law.  These laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act (G. L. c. 93A) and the Unfair and Deceptive Insurance Claims Practices Act (G. L. c. 176D), provide a consumer with a legal cause of action against those engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices. These laws have been interpreted broadly to prohibit most instances of fraudulent, unfair, immoral and unconscionable business practices. In addition to providing protection to consumers, these laws also provide protection to business consumers that do business with other businesses.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of unfair and deceptive business practices addressed by these consumer protection laws and regulations:

• Antitrust
• Auto Repair Issues and Lemon Law Violations
• Bait and Switch
• Debt Collection Violations
• Discrimination by Merchants
• False Advertising
• Fraud
• Home Improvement/Contractor Complaints
• Identity Fraud
• Insurance Settlement Practices
• Misrepresentations
• Odometer Tampering
• Predatory Lending
• Price Gouging
• Security Deposit Violations
• Unconscionable Conduct
• Unfair Business Practices
• Violations of Other Laws and Regulations

We are well-versed in these consumer protection laws, and have successfully litigated these claims on behalf of numerous consumers. Importantly, the Consumer Protection Act allows a successful plaintiff to recover damages (up to triple damages under some circumstances), attorney’s fees and costs of suit. The law also allows for class actions to prevent consumer abuse on a large scale, and injunctive relief to prevent the merchant from continuing to act in an unfair and deceptive manner.

In addition to representing consumers, the Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. also represents and advises business and insurance industry clients on how to act lawfully and avoid liability under these pro-consumer laws and regulations.

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