$38,200.86 Judgment in Unpaid Wages Case

Joshua Garick  -  May 02, 2013  -  Comments Off on $38,200.86 Judgment in Unpaid Wages Case

May 2, 2013:

The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. won a $38,200.86 judgment in a wage theft (i.e., unpaid wages) case filed in the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court. The lawsuit included nonpayment of wages, unpaid overtime, and illegal wage deduction claims. The illegal wage deductions were for workers’ compensation benefits that were unlawfully deducted from the employee’s paycheck.

Massachusetts law strongly penalizes employers who fail to pay wages, commissions, tips, vacation pay, overtime pay at time and a half, and other forms of earned compensation. In most circumstances, an employee will receive triple damages, as punitive damages, as well as attorneys fees and costs to bring a lawsuit. The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. is experienced in filing claims under the Massachusetts Wage Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act, the goal of which is to get our clients the pay they have earned. If you believe you have a case against your employer, please CONTACT US for a no cost consultation.

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