Chiropractor and Medical Fraud

The Law Offices of Joshua N. Garick, P.C. has become the premier law firm defending chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and other medical providers who are under investigation or are facing lawsuits by insurance companies. These so-called “fraud” cases are typically meritless cases filed by insurance carriers who are using the threat of costly and protracted litigation to avoid paying legitimate claims for services rendered. These lawsuits typically involve an insurer’s desire to avoid paying claims for personal injury protection (PIP) or first-party auto insurance benefits under G. L. c. 90, ยง 34M. Given the intricacies of PIP laws in Massachusetts, it is important to hire counsel well-versed and experienced with these laws to ensure claims are paid, not abandoned.

Attorney Joshua N. Garick draws from his prior legal experience working at a law firm who represented auto insurers filing these types of baseless lawsuits. He now focuses his efforts on representing chiropractors and other medical providers who have fallen victim to these baseless cases.

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